I have (finally) completed work on an editor for the Korg electribe sampler called e2sEdit.

This tiny program can load, replace, delete, and edit samples for this device.

More info, downloads and full documentation here: flosaic.com/e2sEdit

I really hope you find it fun and useful!


  1. Hello,

    I may contribute patches in the future so I set up a repository here: https://github.com/desfrenes/e2sedit

    Bye !

  2. HI,

    just found this linked to from the Korg forums – good work! I had a couple of problems running it from the .jar on OS X, but a bit of hacking with Eclipse got it going (I’m not a Java guy – I mostly work in Python). I’ll write up a set of instructions for anyone who has the same sort of problems (on OS X you will get an error – “The Java JAR file “e2sEdit v1.jar” could not be launched. As I said, I’m not a Java guy so I’m not really sure why – rebuilding it in Eclipse and auto fixing the issues it found worked though).

    Did you reverse engineer the .all format, or did you find info somewhere? I’ve hunted myself with no luck – I was hoping to make a librarian for it but couldn’t find any info other than your source code.