The Trash Mapping

I have (finally) completed work on my Traktor mapping for the Push called Trash.  See it in action here:

The mapping is designed to work with just an Ableton Push, but you can add a Native Instruments Kontrol Z1 for even more control.

More info, downloads and full documentation:

I really hope you find it fun and useful!


  1. hi , sorry in advance for my bad english ! i’m french ^^ i try to install your mapping with my set up Z1 + PUSH but i’m on a mac … have you got more info for mac users ? in the input and output setup in tractor i’ve got only max 1 or 2 , push user , push live , and virtual Traktor . can you help me please !!! i really need to work with your mapping it’s awesome 😀

  2. Hey Mac Users!

    Please try my new Mac installation instructions!

  3. Honorable Dave.

    I tried to experience your Trash Mapping.

    I was really surprised. You are a genius.

    I propose to you.

    Ableton Push the FX & Remix Deck Can you make a Only dedicated mapping?

    I own the Traktor S4 mk2.

    I just try to use only the FX & Remix Deck. More powerful than the Trash Ver.1!

    If possible, I will buy your Mapping.

    Please answer.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Hi Dave.

    I´m a DJ from Berlin who played Music long time with vinyl.
    Six month ago i´d switched over to digital media and equipement.
    In that case i´m a beginner without many knowledge about.
    I´m working with Traktor now and own an Reloop Mixtour. Its a nice controller and it works well with Traktor.
    I also want to start producing my own Tracks with Ableton and have bought a Push 1 in the last week.
    What I want to know is, is it possible to use the Push with your mapping file for the remix decks in Traktor and take my mapping file from the Reloop Mixtour instead of your file for the Z1 to route it over Midi Joke like you´ve explained in step 5 of your installing instructions??
    Whould that work with the original mapping file from Reloop or must there be written a new modified mapping??
    Please let me know…