This mapping and its associated files and this website took me hundreds of hours to code and test. It's all free, but I ask two things:
1) Since these are all open and editable file types, if you modify and re-release anything, please give me credit.
2) If you like what I've done or use this mapping in any capacity in which you get paid, please consider donating through PayPal:


(right-click, save as...)

Trash v1.tsi: The main mapping (1.2 Mb)

Trash Z1 v1.tsi: The companion custom Z1 mapping - only needed if you have a Native Instruments Z1 (606 Kb)

Trash Max v1.mxf: The Max Patch (2.8 Mb)

Trash Max v1.maxpat: The Max Patch source - only needed if you plan on altering the patch (2.4 Mb)

Head over to the install page for notes on installing and using these files!

older versions

Still on the first release!