The Trash Mapping

I have (finally) completed work on my Traktor mapping for the Push called Trash.  See it in action here:

The mapping is designed to work with just an Ableton Push, but you can add a Native Instruments Kontrol Z1 for even more control.

More info, downloads and full documentation:

I really hope you find it fun and useful!


  1. hi , sorry in advance for my bad english ! i’m french ^^ i try to install your mapping with my set up Z1 + PUSH but i’m on a mac … have you got more info for mac users ? in the input and output setup in tractor i’ve got only max 1 or 2 , push user , push live , and virtual Traktor . can you help me please !!! i really need to work with your mapping it’s awesome 😀

  2. Hey Mac Users!

    Please try my new Mac installation instructions!

  3. Honorable Dave.

    I tried to experience your Trash Mapping.

    I was really surprised. You are a genius.

    I propose to you.

    Ableton Push the FX & Remix Deck Can you make a Only dedicated mapping?

    I own the Traktor S4 mk2.

    I just try to use only the FX & Remix Deck. More powerful than the Trash Ver.1!

    If possible, I will buy your Mapping.

    Please answer.

    Happy New Year.

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